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Hauser Pens offered by StatMo.inThe truth is pens are all used for the same thing – to write. But writing starts with an inspiration and the proper tools. And, in the world of fine writing instruments the perfect tool can be the inspiration. When you hold a perfectly weighted fountain pen tipped with a well calibrated nib, flexing with just the right touch, words will spring to life. Thick, inky lines of text will spin tales of faraway places, soaring music, daring deeds and well timed speeches. One of the finest inspirational brands is Cello pen products. This is a company that understands quality with a very broad range of pen styles.

Hauser, a famous German Brand with a history of 84 years in the Writing Instruments Industry has been known for its German standards and high quality writing.

Hauser has always been popular for its range of products and its writing ease. The designs are simple yet aerodynamic, thus suitable for everyday use.

We guarantee outstanding product quality that meets the highest standard. Our Products are based on very simple but very important ideas of ‘Highest Quality’ and ‘Utmost Simplicity’ But, Hauser’s line of pens is larger than just ballpoints. Hauser boasts an innovative line of pen types including Hauser Fountain Pens, Hauser Gel Pens and Ball Pen. Three of my favorites are the Hauser Inx Liquid Fountain PenHauser Sonic Gel Pen, Hauser Fluidic Ball Pen. All Three  of these pens embody the rich character and design that Hauser has become known for and each offers their own unique inspiration to the world of pens. Hauser for Smooth Writing.

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